Behind the scenes at Nette Rose

July 03, 2017

Behind the scenes at Nette Rose

Happy Monday lovelies!

We are kicking off the week with some #mondaymotivation courtesy of our beautiful Megan, the founder and designer of Nette Rose. A few weeks ago, we asked Megan to share a bit more “behind the scenes” with us. Megan sent us such a lovely email and we feel really lucky to be able to share her story and talent with you all. Megan is so full of life and beauty which makes her such an inspiration to us! We were going to put it in our own words, but then again... her email shows you best what a beautiful soul Megan Miller is.

So go ahead and read for yourself.


Megan's e-mail

Hi Nicky!

I thought I would send you some information just for a happy Friday read and a little behind the scenes - what sparked this is you asking about the lace -- so yes, all lace is manufactured in either Italy, China, Thailand, Switzerland or France but unfortunately it is not eco-friendly. I did a huge research project last year for my final report on sustainable lingerie and lace just isn't there yet. Some mesh is, as well as of course select cottons etc. BUT in terms of being ethically produced by happy hands we are a definitive YAY!

As for our Cerise range I thought you might enjoy to see the faces of the babes who have supplied us - I found them in Hong Kong and went to source from them. :) 

The lace comes from France and Thailand - brought to a huge warehouse and distributed by Tammy, we met with her in this beautiful historic market where she has her display store, which they have been in for 38 years! She grew up in this very market :)

She has a husband who we met the following day as he helped bring in the bulk amounts we required - he, too, is so sweet and lovely!

Pictured here is Megan with Tammy.

Then our elastic was also sourced in Hong Kong, where we met beautiful Bonnie. She and her family have a store there, we ordered through her and she was an absolute gem! They were hilarious and helpful when I went in with no wheely bags, planning on taking the train back - even though I had purchased who knows how many kilos worth of elastic!! So, all in all they were simply amazing!

Pictured here is Megan and Bonnie

As for the other components we are super happy to say they are all produced here in South Africa! Our gold tags are made in a factory in Cape Town, and then we have a lovely company just next to the vibrant Woodstock that produce our media/Post cards - Our swing tags - Our fabric labels, and our packaging will be produced locally soon too :)

Then to bring things closer to home, we have a new, lovely babe, her name is Yolanda - she is just like Faith, and they get on like a house on fire!

They are both quiet but Faith had come out of her shell and is cheeky and a dream and I am sure Yolanda will too (she has opened up to Faith - not me just yet) :)

In terms of our and (their) working environment I think we can say with confidence that it is quite alright ;) they start at 7am as they like to leave at 3pm and have the whole afternoon free. 7am is still dark now that it is winter so they have a little fan heater under their sewing tables to warm their toes up while they work in the early morning - as well as hot chocolate, coffee and tea readily available and of course the loveliest tunes to keep the productivity going. haha.

I would also like to tell you a little bit about Faith - she has an amazing husband Clinton (she is also just 24, so we are a very young team) and they have been together for 9 years! This year they have managed to buy their first car. They were living in a two bedroom apartment, renting out the second bedroom. Recently they have taken over the whole 2 bedroom apartment and their daughter is so excited as she gets her very own bed and room.

I like to think that we have both helped them achieve this! :)

Me and Tom (my boyfriend) went to celebrate our 7 year anniversary and had Clinton as our waiter - he said he has never seen Faith so determined and happy with her work, which made for a very happy heart for him but more so for me to hear!

We're a very happy team which wants to pass on our huge thanks to you!

Wishing you a very happy sun-filled weekend!


So there you have it! A beautiful sneak peak into the work and lives behind the Nette Rose babes!