Meet the Makers

Nette Rose  - the most beautiful intimates are designed and produced by an equally beautiful woman – Megan Miller.
Megans babes embody the spirit of her groovy grandmothers... Nette and Rose whose sense of adventure, femininity, fearlessness and belief in the power of dressing for oneself are the core inspirations for each design.
Nette Rose intimates are handmade in Cape Town with “love, cheek and a lot of laughs”.  Megan finds the most beautiful lace fabric from off cut (leftover) material of big designers which typically would just get thrown away.... so all pieces are limited, and oh so special!

Megan is the incredible designer behind your babes, Faith and Yolanda are the happy hands behind the sewing machines 

 In terms of their working environment I think we can say with confidence it is quite alright ;) they start at 7am as they like to leave at 3pm and have the whole afternoon. 7am is still dark in winter so they have a little fan heater under their sewing tables to warm their toes up while they work in the early morning - as well as hot chocolate, coffee and tea readily available and of course the loveliest tunes to keep the productivity going. haha. 

 Faith is 25 years old and has an amazingly supportive husband and beautiful little daughter! Yolanda joined the team in 2017 and is expecting a child in September.  

Meet the beautiful babes who made your lingerie:
Faith, Megan and Yolanda
FOUND.Collection was the second member of the Troo family. FOUND. Collection is a proudly South African fashion label established in 2014 in Stellenbosch by local designers and stylists Lisa Carinus and Gitte Muller. Lisa and Gitte met while attending University and have the same passion for beauty, fashion and design which is captured in every single (very limited!) piece they make. Lisa and Gitte also use off-cut material, hence the very limited stock.
The collection is bold, feminine and timeless …. with a trendy edge, perfect for a troo woman. The luxurious textiles are carefully handpicked by Lisa and Gitte and then entrusted to a handful of local artisans who craft each piece with exceptional care. It is incredibly important to Lisa and Gitte to support and uplift local entrepreneurs by giving them greater opportunities for growth. 
Meet the gorgeous girls, Gitte and Lisa 

mille collines joined the Troo family in 2017. The mille collines journey originated in Barcelona, Spain in the heart of an impassioned young girl named Ines Cuatrecasas and her best friend Marc Oliver. Ines' grandfather was a lover of Africa and saw endless creativity and potential in the vibrant cultures of the continent. Her mother shared this love and visited Africa often in support of her Africa focused NGO. In the summer of 2005, Ines and her mother traveled to Rwanda together, where she met a dressmaker that would change the course of her life forever, her name was Antoinette (we here at Troo were sold already - our mother's name is Antoinette #toogoodtobetroo)

When Ines returned from Rwanda, the two budding designers began to conceptualize their initial ideas of building a fashion label in Africa. A year after visiting Rwanda together in 2009, mille collines was born.
Today, millecollines seamlessly blends the creativity, strength and culture of the African spirit with ever evolving global trends.
Meet the groovy Marc and Ines 

The newest member of the Troo family is Lunar. Lunar is a South African eco-fashion brand that has firmly established itself as one of South Africa's top design labels over the past two decades. Nicola, the Creative Director and Sonja, the designer draw their inspiration from nature and the African landscape, crafting clothing to be as natural as possible, both in fabrication and design.

As a responsible brand, Lunar knows the importance of fair trade and providing the best working conditions for their employees. They also recognise the significance of sustainable business practices and the value in empowering local crafters and artists. Wherever possible, Lunar makes use of natural fibres and pigment dyes. Fabrics that are from the earth, with little human interference. We love the feel, look and character of linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, organic cotton and wool as they allow us to create interesting designs that are classic and beautifully simple. We are constantly inspired by nature and the African landscape and do our best to try to preserve it.

Meet the designers and makers behind Lunar

So there it is. Our designers’ passion and spirit have touched our hearts. We believe their concept of designing and hand-making everything in the country where our heart belongs, our home country, is wonderful. And these absolutely stunning, romantic, sexy and edgy babes... we simply could not resist. We hope you love these beauties as much as we do.

All our babes from Nette Rose and FOUND.Collection are limited in numbers

Be troo. Live troo. Wear troo