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First post

Introducing: Me!


Hello world! :-) My name is Stephanie and I am a twenty something, South African girl who (will always call Johannesburg home) currently lives in Zurich and this blog is a little diary of my (mis)adventures of life in this little city! 



I like good food, travelling, my family, afternoon thunderstorms, making my nieces and nephews laugh, feeling the sunshine on cheeks, the smell of roses (they remind me of my grandmother), hydrangeas, my All Stars, cold beer and pizza. 



2016 has taught me to be more aware and appreciative of my surroundings (from the very big picture: what I eat, what I wear, how much I consume, where it all comes from – to the very small: showing my family how much I love them, listening more, looking up, remembering where I come from) - this is my way of sharing my thoughts about the big and the small with you, or you know, with myself if nobody is reading :-)


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