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A long overdue post

I am forever putting off writing a blog post as I have drilled into my mind that I cannot write... or at least write anything of any interest to anyone.

But as I try to overcome my fear of writing, I will try to write a few more posts about the small things that go on in my head and heart....

Plastic free July has come and gone, and as I try my best to consume as little plastic as possible every day, trying to completely cut out plastic in July reminds me of how terribly difficult it is and how, in bigger grocery stores it just never seems to get any better. There is so much noise about how destructive plastic is on our environment and yet large corporations who could have such a tremendous impact just dont seem to want to change.

World Overshoot Day was on August 1st . Ten years ago it was on 23rd September which shows the drastic increase in resources being used up by our overconsumption. Another mind boggler to me. There is so much noise around over consumption and yet it gets higher and higher every year.

It is so difficult not to get despondent and completely fed up with the way this world is going and how so many people just seem to not care. I just want to yell WAKE UP PEOPLE every time I go to our grocery store and watch people taking plastic bag after plastic bag to put a few fruits and veggies in... as I am balancing apples, carrots, watermelons and strawberries in my hands refusing to take a plastic bag and cursing myself for forgetting my cloth bags at home!

And I get so annoyed when these grocery stores pat themselves on their backs for selling reusable cloth fruit and veg bags.... I mean hellllooooo if you want to do something good just take out all the stupid plastic bags from the store!

But then all this frustration goes away when I hear my 6 year old daughter refusing a plastic fork to eat her piece of cake with at a party, or when my 3 year old boy asks for a toy and I remind him that it is not good to buy buy buy and he says ‚Ja mom, otherwise all the ice will melt and the polar bears will die’

This reminds me that I cannot change the world, and at times it is extremely frustrating to fight what often feels like a losing battle.... but what I can do is educate my children and inspire them to live a life that is not detrimental to this beautiful world



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