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Plastic Free July ... can you do it?

Hi Everyone,

I read a fantastic article on 'Sustainability in style' (

Realizing that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our Oceans scared me and convinced me to join in and try living 'Plastic Free' or at least use as little plastic as possible in the month of July. I want my kids, Uma and Luke, to be able to go snorkeling and enjoy the beauty of our Oceans.

So ,I cleaned out all my glass jars, collected all my reusable grocery bags, explained to my kids what our mission was and headed to the local grocery store. We were in for a shock. You cannot go to a normal grocery store and fill more than a little basket with items that do not contain plastic. Next we headed to the no waste shops in Zurich!

We visited Fiofi and Chez Mamie and happily filled all our jars with a large selection of grains, lentils, pasta (Luke was delighted), granola, oils, vinegar etc etc.

I am determined to change our shopping habits, however realise that being plastic free is extremely difficult! That being said, I know this has been trooly worthwhile, especially when I told Uma (5 yrs) she could have a slushy over the week end. Her eyes lit up at the thought of the bright pink, icy, sugar filled concoction, but as she was about to order it, turned and shouted  to me MOM, I CANT HAVE A SLUSHY, IT COMES IN PLASTIC AND ITS PLASTIC FREE JULY!! Baby steps :-)

We are commited to changing our shopping habits and do our part, as small as it may be, to live a more conscious life.





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