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World Clean Up Day

About 3 weeks ago it was World Cleanup day. I found so many organised group clean ups happening around the globe, but unfortunately none in Switzerland.

I often talk to my children about what is happening in our world. How there will be more plastics/trash in our oceans than fish by 2050, how detrimental mass consumption is on our environment, how sad it is that people " buy buy buy" and then just throw away their purchases when they are bored with them, how wrong it is to litter, how important it is to take care of things so they last longer, how the only place we go to buy their clothes is the Second Hand shop... ( I have to smile as I write this and feel slightly bad for my kids having a mom like me... I really try not to "greenwash" them too much, but I suppose I cant help myself)

But on the positive side, it didnt take much convincing when I told them about my idea to go clean up the rubbish in Zürich.
We jumped on the train and ventured into Zürich (probably one of the cleanest cities in the world) to pick up rubbish. It wasn't long before we found a big pile of trash to pick up, and the more we walked the more we found.

Sadly, we found the most of our rubbish around playgrounds and schools, which makes me think that many children don't seem to be taught that they should not litter. Even on school playgrounds where there were several rubbish bins around, kids just left their trash on tables and the ground.

It breaks my heart to see this as it shows me that as much as I may be trying to educate my kids, so many people don't...I get angry and despondent.... but then I watch these cute kids running around picking up other peoples trash and shouting out that people should use the trash bins and again, I realise that we can only do our bit, and every little bit helps. It was a lovely day out with my family and we will surely be doing this more than once a year!           





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